16 December 2008


This is my latest patchwork quilt under construction. I am hoping to get the whole thing hand quilted over the winter so I can send it to our house in Crete with John in the spring. It's a double sized bedspread, or will be when it's finished. There are lots of metallic print fabrics in the quilt and it looks very bright and cheerful, just like Crete!

8 December 2008

Well a good weekend was had by all. We had relatives to stay and I drove a 200 mile round trip on Saturday to take Emily for a photo shoot in Darwen, Lancashire. We were fine going but then on the way back we enountered all the football traffic for Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Manchester United, Stockport... Hopefully the photos (for Emily's modelling portfolio) will be worth it.

Then on Sunday instead of having a relaxing morning in church I drove a 60 mile round trip to Leicester to pick up my Bernina and then on to the Fabric Guild for a nice browse amongst the fabric in the freezing cold. I think I've converted cousin Diana to quilting in the process! I'll post some piccies of my new project soon.

5 December 2008


Have just won this fab little Bernina 830 on ebay!!!! Complete with all accessories and in mint condition, this little beauty is going to help me with my next project. It also means I can send my more lightweight Toyota machine to Crete in April when John goes. It was a teeny bit expensive for a used machine but I have been saving up for a good one and wanted a purely mechanical machine as they are easy to maintain. This model was made in the 1970s and is still very popular. When I called my nearest Bernina dealer they offered me the same model in a completely BRAND NEW condition for £1000 which would have been great if I could have afforded it!

24 November 2008

Little Quilted Bags and Stuff

This is what I did with the leftovers from my big quilt - Christmas pressies all sorted!

This was leftovers too, but big enough for a single bed.

And I used up some extra heavy calico and a few scraps of pretty fabric on these

This is Ben, 14 and still going strong!

This is our elderly mutt Ben - he's a real sweetie but mad as a hatter. His mum was a Doberman and dad was unknown so he's a pretty big lad.

Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show

Had a lovely day out with some friends in Harrogate yesterday at the annual Knitting and Stitching Show. Saw lots of lovely things, including Possum Wool clothing, which they produce in New Zealand from the annual Possum cull - apparently Australian Possums are a real menace in NZ! Nearly but not quite bought a pair of possum gloves! Saw lots of cross stitch patterns, and a few beautiful quilts, which have inspired my next project...

Then on to Betty's Tea Rooms for a lovely meal before we drove home again in minus 1 degrees.


21 November 2008

My Second Attempt at a Patchwork Quilt

Having finally finished this masterpiece (!) I felt I had to share it with others because it looks so nice on my bed! It was constructed from 24 different cotton fabrics and took many months to complete.