4 November 2009


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30 October 2009

A Little Gift, some New Fabric and a Birthday

The other day I received this little pincushion in the post, which was a huge surprise as I had forgotten all about putting my name down on this giveaway! Thank you Crafty Girls Workshop!
I went to the Fabric Guild today with a friend and we had a great time shopping for some new 'stash'. I'm sewing some small items for our forthcoming Christmas Market at the moment so I needed some Christmas fabric. Couldn't resist also getting some nice bright fabrics for my next quilt though. Here it is all laid out in my fabric drawer just waiting to be used. I didn't buy all this today - this is three trips' worth! I have projects in mind for all of this but it's so reasonable at the FG and it's such a long drive to get there that I always feel I HAVE to buy something to make it worthwhile!

It was Emily's 21st birthday on Tuesday and we went out for a Chinese meal. We go to one of those buffet places where you have all you can eat for a set price - always a good idea I think!

26 October 2009

Little Fabric Wallet Tutorial

This is my very first tutorial so please let me know if it doesn't make sense. I've made quite a few of these little snap wallets, they are great for mobile phones, cameras, jewellery, tissues and any other small items you need to carry in your handbag. You can make them any size and they are great for using up scraps of leftover fabric and batting.
First make your outer fabric. You can either use one piece of fabric cut to size, or a piece of patchwork (I made mine 5" x 8" from two different fabrics). Place your wadding on the back of the fabric and quilt as desired. I also used some calico on the back of the quilted piece, just to make it easier to quilt.
Cut a piece of lining the same size as the outer, you can use some interfacing on this if you like, I didn't bother. You can see that I have shaped both pieces at the flap end. Place the two fabrics right sides together, pin and then sew all the way around, leaving a small gap approximately 2" down one side, to turn.
Turn right sides out, then press carefully, pressing creases in the seam of the open part so that it will sew up easily.Topstitch along the bottom edge of the purse, the bit that will fold up and under the flap.

Fold and sew, starting at one bottom corner, sewing right around the flap and finishing at the other bottom corner, making sure that the opening you left for turning is closed up carefully as you go.
Attach snap fastener, Velcro, button or press stud as desired.

Your wallet is finished - easy wasn't it?

25 October 2009

A Holiday In The Sun

Friends have remarked that I haven't blogged for a while now. There have been reasons - it's been a difficult time lately and we've had some distressing family issues to deal with. Things seem to be more settled now however, if not completely sorted, and we've just returned from a lovely, relaxing holiday in Crete. Thought I'd share a few photos with you!

The locals, doing what they do best, sitting outside the taverna in the sun.

We don't have a table but a pair of steps works just as well!

What's he doing now? Oh, putting up my washing line!

You meet some really nice people sometimes, here are just a few! The lady on the right is Judith who also has stories about her life in Crete. We met up with Jude and Geoff too.
Go away, I'm sunbathing!
I'll try not to leave it too long before posting again. Thanks for being patient!

15 September 2009

12 September 2009


What do I do with this summer's crop of unripe tomatoes? Well here it is, spicy green tomato chutney, just ready to cook! I've already made some spicy damson chutney, and very nice it will be too, when it's had time to mature. I hope this one will be as good!

I also just had time to finish piecing this quilt before I went back to work after the summer. It's one of my favourite patterns and I used quite a lot of my leftover fabrics in it, also some curtain lining when I needed some plains. I'm hand quilting it at the moment with a mixture of embroidery thread and quilting thread and when it's done it will be a nice size to just keep on the sofa for chilly evenings.

Hubby was 65 a couple of weeks back, some friends brought this round! What a great cake - it tasted good too!

I've been making some quite small items for my craft stall and have put together some photos for a tutorial, which I'll share with you next time!

29 August 2009


I love a tutorial! I found this one one Jane's blog and decided to have a go yesterday, when the summer weather turned to thunderstorms and hailstones! I used some nine patch blocks cut up and sewn together into DNP's, just because I like these particular colours together and didn't have enough to make much else with them.

A few days ago, I made another bag from this tutorial which is foreign with some English translation but the little bag turned out OK so I must have read it correctly! This one is also made with leftovers. I love the way the setting of the squares make it an unusual shape.

Last Saturday I was at Donington Park Motor Racing Circuit having my birthday present, which was a motor racing lesson! I was scared enough in the Mini Cooper we went round in first off to learn the circuit, but when they left me in the single seater racing car - boy it was scary! We all had a briefing before we started and there were two women and about 35 blokes in our group. The picture shows me in my little car being strapped in

I've asked my hubby to buy me a manicure or a DVD next year!

19 August 2009

A Thrifty Find, Fabric Flowers and a Fluffy Friend

For all you charity shopaholics out there, I popped into my local 'Help the Aged' yesterday to drop off a box of stuff and couldn't resist this lovely straw bag. It is fully lined in the red and black fabric which has been used for the flowers and the lovely pleated edging, with zip top and lots of pockets inside. All for a very reasonable £2.50!I had a productive evening sewing a few little flower pins for my craft stall and while I was doing that, John was entertaining our daughter's rabbit which is lodging with us at the moment. She is a house rabbit and likes to share the sofa, occasionally hopping onto John's lap for a bit of attention. As you can see, the radio is not too far away as the football was on!

18 August 2009

Sewing Machine Cover Challenge

Having been toying with the idea of a sewing machine cover for some time I spotted the Sewing Machine Cover Challenge on Jenny's blog and decided to go for it. I've had a large amount of this 'Fancy Cats' collection of fabric in my stash for some time and didn't know what to do with it - purrfect for my cover I thought! I just love those cheeky cats grinning at me from the table. I found the cover quite simple to make, I just had to make sure I took the measurements down accurately so that it would be the exact size I needed. It seemed HUGE when I made it, but it covers the machine perfectly.
If you want to participate in the challenge and have the chance to win in the giveaway, you need to post a picture of your cover on your blog, then a link back to it in the comments section of Jenny's blog.

11 August 2009


Having booked a table at our church Christmas Fair I've been trying out a few smaller items which are quick to make. This is a little wallet purse. Don't look too closely at the topstitching, it went a bit wonky on one side. I love this pastel fabric. The second pic shows the inside. I got the idea from http://darnkat.wordpress.com/quilted-fabric-wallet-tutorial/ It was a delight to make and my daughter loves it.But I really love these cushions most of all, they were created using the 'Daisies' stitcheries I bought from Jenny at Elefantz, though I've adapted them to suit.
Here are the lovely ladies I had a day out at Denby Pottery with. The first place we made for was the coffee shop (of course) before going over to the craft room where we all made a pottery frog (to decorate at home - I'll post that when I've decorated him!) and painted a plate or mug. I painted a mug - I'll show you that at the same time. :-) It was just like being at kindergarten again! I have to say I'm really having fun this summer!

6 August 2009


I hate to throw away perfectly good scraps of fabric, even the teeniest pieces. However, it does come to the point when I feel the need to use some of them. This string pieced block, which I quilted on the machine......

... became this little jewellery roll

This is the interior of the roll, it really is quite a simple design if you can put in a zip! I used some leftover velvet for mine but the pattern said cotton. It's much easier if you use cotton. See the little ring roll?

In this piece I used up all my remaining strings of metallic fabrics, embroidering it with some gold thread (wouldn't use that again - it was horrendous to work with!)

looked perfect in this little zipped handbag!So that's the scraps drawer empty.

In response to a request here is a link to the tutorial I used for the Jewellery Roll. They are real fun to make!

30 July 2009


I was becoming overwhelmed by just how many small projects I have on the go at the moment and have taken some time to get one or two finished. The sunflower cushion cover is for a friend who absolutely loves sunflowers, the little picture below is my interpretation in fabric of a drawing John did of Houmeriakos, Crete. Anyone recognise the view?

Then at the top are my hexagons, which I spent time sewing whilst on holiday and sharing a coffee or two and a chat with Jude on several lovely afternoons. I also had a nice morning with Chris during which I stitched a few more.

27 July 2009


I recently bought a job lot of used furniture for our little Spiti in Crete and when I went there on holiday a couple of weeks ago I discovered that this included lots of smaller items and bedlinen etc. On investigating a large pile of what appeared to be old and grubby cotton sheets, I was pleasantly surprised to find a collection of fine cotton and linen items which had been in storage and just needed a good wash. Having hauled them all back to England in my case and washed and ironed them, this is what I finished up with.

The first picture below shows one of two large pieces of fine cotton with a lovely cut away pattern and drawn thread work. They are 1m x 2m in size, but some of the fabric is quite damaged and torn. I need some suggestions as to what I can do with this so please put your thinking caps on because this stuff is crying out to be used! I thought some of the fabric would be good to embroider on or use for quilt backing but surely this would make something on its own...

This is a small table runner in linen

A crochet table cover

Pure linen pillowcases

A fine cotton tablecloth
There were also several small linen tablecloths which I may use for embroidery backing or quilting.
So if anyone can come up with some good ideas for making the best use of this lovely fabric please leave me some comments.

5 July 2009

Holiday preparations and the latest from my garden

This is the latest flower to appear in my garden, it's an Astilbe and I just love the pure white flowers.

I'm off on to Crete on Sunday and unfortunately Hubby can't come with me this time, so I've been getting some stitching ready to take with me for any long, lonely evenings! I've cut out lots of hexagons and I've traced Jenny's Oopsie Daisies pattern, applied the fabric and packed the embroidery silks ready to start.

I didn't have a case for my sunnies, so I made one of those too with some cute Makower Cats fabric!

I might manage one more post before I go, we'll have to see...