20 March 2009


Well I finally managed to replace my broken camera, with a lovely little Canon pocket sized thingy - pink and girly, not a bit like me! It didn't come with a case so I decided to make one... I sort of threw it together, being in a bit of a hurry to have something to put the camera in so I could take it in my handbag etc. It was made from some cute Makower print fabric from their 'Fancy Cats' range which I bought on my last visit to the Fabric Guild. You can't really see the brown, which I also used for the lining, but that has butterflies and flowers all over it.

17 March 2009


Tried a bit of crochet recently with some wool I bought from a charity shop for next to nothing. I'm planning on lining the bag on the left with some nice fabric. The 'crazy quilt' bag was leftovers from my latest quilt. I really hate throwing stuff away and try to use every little piece of fabric, until it gets too small to do anything with!


How exciting! Arrived home from work yesterday and there was a little package waiting for me all the way from Australia! Tazzie from Tazzie Quilts has sent me this fabric as a giveaway - which I will put to good use in my bag-making for Christmas. How lovely when people you've never met send you something like that!

11 March 2009


Here is another picture of a corner of my latest quilt, which I'm in the process of hand quilting at the moment. It's 90 x 90, which is big enough for a double bed. I think will definitely be the last bed sized quilt I make for a long time as they take so long to quilt! Unfortunately it won't be finished in time for John to transport it to Crete, however I will probably be able to use it at home. Any ideas for a design to hand quilt onto the 6" wide border? I'm not very good at borders and need some inspiration!!