29 April 2009


It has taken me a LONG TIME to manage to add this button to my sidebar - I hope you will make it all worthwhile and have a look at this giveaway, please mention my name if you sign up! Shabby Roses Giveaway.

25 April 2009


There is a craft day at church in a couple of weeks' time and I wanted to get some bags and other small things made up ready. It's the first time we've done anything like this and the hope is to encourage people who are interested in handicrafts and perhaps hold a few classes to get them started. I'm delighted to have been asked to take part, being quite new to sewing myself! Anyway, yesterday was a day to have a go at producing a couple of items (when hubby is away, I like to play, never mind the housework and certainly no cooking!) I found a nice piece of old hessian in my scraps drawer and one of John's old shirts which I don't think he ever actually wore, but which is a lovely thick cotton print. Here is the result.

The photo above shows the lining, complete with little pocket already built in!

And I also thought I would share some recent purchases from the Fabric Guild - they had a complete range of Timeless Treasures fabrics which they had bought as bankrupt stock - I think I was quite restrained though!

20 April 2009


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This is what I did with the leader/ender triangles I'd pieced whilst making the star quilt! I had enough for three of these, which hopefully will make good pressies.


Sorry but I have no photos to post about this journey, but John left home on Wednesday evening last week to begin his marathon drive down from UK to Crete. All day on the Wednesday, the news was full of the French Fishermen blockading Calais and Dunkirk, which was rather worrying to say the least, as John was scheduled to land in Dunkirk. The M20 motorway was being used as a lorry park whilst they were all waiting for the ferries to start running again. Well John and Brian (his colleague) left about an hour earlier to ensure getting to Dover on time and saw no traffic jams, no parked lorries and had absolutely no problems at all! They drove straight onto the docks, straight onto the ferry and were first off the other end, 15 minutes ahead of schedule!

Currently they are waiting for the third and final ferry in Piraeus and hopefully will arrive sometime tomorrow morning!

13 April 2009


A belated Happy Easter to all! Yesterday's church service was so uplifting - we had an American guest preacher, David Ring, who was just amazing and has a really inspirational testimony. Victim of cerebral palsy, who 'died' for 18 minutes after he was born, was orphaned at age 11 and told he would never marry, have children or, indeed, live to old age, now age 54 with a beautiful wife and 4 lovely kids. Incredible!

Today is bank holiday Monday and I've been looking at the garden, being the first nice day for ages (the Easter weather has been appalling here in the Midlands). Here are a few of the flowers which are looking good at the moment. The Hellebore above is one of my favourites.

And I love the way this Pulmonaria has both pink and mauve flowers.

It has taken me three days to remember that this is called a Fritillary! Getting old I think.

A lovely pink Hellebore

Anyone recognise this lovely Cretan urn? John came back with it last year from our garden in Houmeriakos - it has survived a very cold and frosty winter. Lots of Rhubarb and some blackcurrants growing in the background.

As I sit here typing the sun is finally coming out! Time to get the washing on the line I think.

10 April 2009


Meet 'Predator', Emily's lop eared dwarf rabbit (the name was Tim's idea - he though having a rabbit was sissy I think) . Em and I had a lovely day out yesterday just wandering around some local shops and stopping for coffee and scones. Must say I like being off work!


Much as I enjoy making the strip-pieced, trip-around-the-world type of quilt, having made four of them I decided to have a go at something different. This pattern was found on http://www.e-PatternsCentral.com (hey, I learned how to insert a link at last!) and made perfect use of a stash of florals I had been collecting. The pattern said to use folded squares laid on top of squares for the triangular pieces, which I thought to be a bit wasteful, so I sewed down the fold of each triangle and then cut off the much smaller triangles which were left over (are you with me so far?) I then used Bonnie Hunter's idea of leaders and enders and thus sewed together all the little triangles at the same time as piecing this quilt. Was amazed at the speed of the result! Don't look too closely - my piecing is far from accurate.

Hamish wanted to help

Now, what shall I do with all these little chaps?

7 April 2009


I wanted to make the blue crocheted bag a little more interesting and thought fabric flowers would be the answer. Having no idea whatsoever where to start, I Googled and came up with this http://kindawonderful.typepad.com/pink_paper_peppermints/2008/05/31-crafty-flo-3.html.

Which resulted in this...

Which Emily wanted as soon as she saw it - goodbye bag, enjoy your new home!

4 April 2009


Just spent a few days in the big city with some pals from work. We took in a show, did some window shopping and some sightseeing and, apparently, Barak Obama was there too! Seriously didn't think about the G20 Summit before we booked, and by the time we got there it was much too late to do anything about it anyway...

I can highly recommend the champagne bar at St Pancras Station! (That's me in the middle, by the way!)

Had a quick visit to Harrods and found these in the pet department, they are little outfits especially for your doggie; the one June is pointing to is actually an Elvis outfit priced at £100! In these times of 'credit crunch' and economic crisis, it's strange to see that people actually still buy stuff like this. I wonder if Ben would like one....

... possibly not