23 June 2009


The summer really has arrived here at last and here are a few more pics of the flowers that are out at the moment in our garden. I have no idea what type of lilies these are but they are very pretty - would make a nice applique I think!

The border is beginning to look a bit wild (the lawn needs cutting too!)

Hamish loves the sunshine.

I was asked to make a bible cover for a friend, she wanted it to be pink and girly. Here is what I came up with, using Jenny's Shabby Roses as an inspiration for the panel on the front. Hope she likes it

And this block is for Emily's Mum in Law, who is Rosie - so what could be more appropriate! I'm going to turn this into a small wall hanging - don't tell her will you? :-)

11 June 2009


I've recently finished a few more bags for my next craft stall. This is a bit of embroidery I did for a bible bag someone asked for.

And another of those cute little flowers I made for the velvet bag pictured below. I really love making these flowers as they are soooo easy!

And these are the book bags. They take ages to make as I had to put in a zip which opened almost all the way around so they open out flat - I won't be making many of these!

My next project is going to incorporate some hand stitching and embroidery so I can take it with me on holiday!

9 June 2009


Many moons ago, when I was single and worked in a hotel, I had a friend who came to work in the hotel as assistant manager and who was from the south of Ireland. He had a smart, brand new BMW motorbike and, on a few occasions, I rode pillion and we had some fun days out.

When my friend decided he was going to return to Ireland, he needed to sell the motor bike so as not to incur any import tax on it. Unfortunately, the first guy who came to look at the bike stole it – my friend had been very trusting and let him go for a test drive on his own.

A few weeks later, my friend and I took the train to London for a day out and as soon as we arrived we decided to go for a Chinese lunch in a restaurant on Oxford Street. Sitting at a table in the window, we noticed a motor cyclist pull up at the traffic lights outside. My friend jumped up and rushed out of the door – it was his bike! He grabbed the keys from the bike and stopped the guy from going any further. It was, unbelievably, the same guy who had stolen the bike from 200 miles or so away!

8 June 2009


This week's task is to tell everyone your favourite things about summer. To take part, go over to Kasey's blog, read the instructions and add your name to the list.
These are what I consider to be the simple pleasures of a summer in England:
  1. A six week holiday from work (I work in a school)
  2. Sunshine - hopefully...
  3. If the sun's not shining the rain is warmer :-D
  4. If it does rain I won't feel guilty about being indoors and sewing all day
  5. Being able to dry the laundry on the line and not in the house
  6. Seeing more of the neighbours over the garden fence
  7. Going away for a holiday (July 12th, yippee!)
  8. No football!!!
  9. Ice cream
  10. Cool clothing


Well I just looked at my blog and realised I've posted nothing since last week - that's bad! Its been torrential rain here all weekend and I spent Saturday in the sewing room trying to be creative, with mixed success. I made a little camcorder padded bag for John and started on a couple of other things, photos hopefully to follow soon.

The garden is still looking colourful and this Oriental Poppy is the latest bloom to appear. I love the colour of this flower, it's about 6" across and really brightens up the border!

1 June 2009


Today's task is to share as few or as many everyday, little tips that you use to make your lives easier. You know- all those special tricks you might have to cook, clean, raise kids, work in the garden and on and on!
You can go to Kasey's blog for the rules
Here goes with my tips.
  1. I always make sure the dishwasher finishes its cycle when hubby is about to make his bedtime drink - he is then guaranteed to empty it (works for me anyway!)
  2. Forget dropping hints to get stuff done - this NEVER works with men or kids. If you want something done, just ASK straight out!
  3. Turn everything off at the plug, it saves a fortune in electricity over the course of a year.
  4. When cutting up fabrics for a quilt, cut a few extra strips and put them in labelled plastic bins ready for your next project.
  5. Wash fabrics as soon as you buy them, they are then ready to use when you need them and you don't finish up with a whole drawer full to wash at once.
  6. Save all your scraps of fabric, however small, in a box or bag. They can be used for numerous smaller projects.

Thats it for me.