29 August 2009


I love a tutorial! I found this one one Jane's blog and decided to have a go yesterday, when the summer weather turned to thunderstorms and hailstones! I used some nine patch blocks cut up and sewn together into DNP's, just because I like these particular colours together and didn't have enough to make much else with them.

A few days ago, I made another bag from this tutorial which is foreign with some English translation but the little bag turned out OK so I must have read it correctly! This one is also made with leftovers. I love the way the setting of the squares make it an unusual shape.

Last Saturday I was at Donington Park Motor Racing Circuit having my birthday present, which was a motor racing lesson! I was scared enough in the Mini Cooper we went round in first off to learn the circuit, but when they left me in the single seater racing car - boy it was scary! We all had a briefing before we started and there were two women and about 35 blokes in our group. The picture shows me in my little car being strapped in

I've asked my hubby to buy me a manicure or a DVD next year!

19 August 2009

A Thrifty Find, Fabric Flowers and a Fluffy Friend

For all you charity shopaholics out there, I popped into my local 'Help the Aged' yesterday to drop off a box of stuff and couldn't resist this lovely straw bag. It is fully lined in the red and black fabric which has been used for the flowers and the lovely pleated edging, with zip top and lots of pockets inside. All for a very reasonable £2.50!I had a productive evening sewing a few little flower pins for my craft stall and while I was doing that, John was entertaining our daughter's rabbit which is lodging with us at the moment. She is a house rabbit and likes to share the sofa, occasionally hopping onto John's lap for a bit of attention. As you can see, the radio is not too far away as the football was on!

18 August 2009

Sewing Machine Cover Challenge

Having been toying with the idea of a sewing machine cover for some time I spotted the Sewing Machine Cover Challenge on Jenny's blog and decided to go for it. I've had a large amount of this 'Fancy Cats' collection of fabric in my stash for some time and didn't know what to do with it - purrfect for my cover I thought! I just love those cheeky cats grinning at me from the table. I found the cover quite simple to make, I just had to make sure I took the measurements down accurately so that it would be the exact size I needed. It seemed HUGE when I made it, but it covers the machine perfectly.
If you want to participate in the challenge and have the chance to win in the giveaway, you need to post a picture of your cover on your blog, then a link back to it in the comments section of Jenny's blog.

11 August 2009


Having booked a table at our church Christmas Fair I've been trying out a few smaller items which are quick to make. This is a little wallet purse. Don't look too closely at the topstitching, it went a bit wonky on one side. I love this pastel fabric. The second pic shows the inside. I got the idea from http://darnkat.wordpress.com/quilted-fabric-wallet-tutorial/ It was a delight to make and my daughter loves it.But I really love these cushions most of all, they were created using the 'Daisies' stitcheries I bought from Jenny at Elefantz, though I've adapted them to suit.
Here are the lovely ladies I had a day out at Denby Pottery with. The first place we made for was the coffee shop (of course) before going over to the craft room where we all made a pottery frog (to decorate at home - I'll post that when I've decorated him!) and painted a plate or mug. I painted a mug - I'll show you that at the same time. :-) It was just like being at kindergarten again! I have to say I'm really having fun this summer!

6 August 2009


I hate to throw away perfectly good scraps of fabric, even the teeniest pieces. However, it does come to the point when I feel the need to use some of them. This string pieced block, which I quilted on the machine......

... became this little jewellery roll

This is the interior of the roll, it really is quite a simple design if you can put in a zip! I used some leftover velvet for mine but the pattern said cotton. It's much easier if you use cotton. See the little ring roll?

In this piece I used up all my remaining strings of metallic fabrics, embroidering it with some gold thread (wouldn't use that again - it was horrendous to work with!)

looked perfect in this little zipped handbag!So that's the scraps drawer empty.

In response to a request here is a link to the tutorial I used for the Jewellery Roll. They are real fun to make!