15 September 2009

12 September 2009


What do I do with this summer's crop of unripe tomatoes? Well here it is, spicy green tomato chutney, just ready to cook! I've already made some spicy damson chutney, and very nice it will be too, when it's had time to mature. I hope this one will be as good!

I also just had time to finish piecing this quilt before I went back to work after the summer. It's one of my favourite patterns and I used quite a lot of my leftover fabrics in it, also some curtain lining when I needed some plains. I'm hand quilting it at the moment with a mixture of embroidery thread and quilting thread and when it's done it will be a nice size to just keep on the sofa for chilly evenings.

Hubby was 65 a couple of weeks back, some friends brought this round! What a great cake - it tasted good too!

I've been making some quite small items for my craft stall and have put together some photos for a tutorial, which I'll share with you next time!