30 October 2009

A Little Gift, some New Fabric and a Birthday

The other day I received this little pincushion in the post, which was a huge surprise as I had forgotten all about putting my name down on this giveaway! Thank you Crafty Girls Workshop!
I went to the Fabric Guild today with a friend and we had a great time shopping for some new 'stash'. I'm sewing some small items for our forthcoming Christmas Market at the moment so I needed some Christmas fabric. Couldn't resist also getting some nice bright fabrics for my next quilt though. Here it is all laid out in my fabric drawer just waiting to be used. I didn't buy all this today - this is three trips' worth! I have projects in mind for all of this but it's so reasonable at the FG and it's such a long drive to get there that I always feel I HAVE to buy something to make it worthwhile!

It was Emily's 21st birthday on Tuesday and we went out for a Chinese meal. We go to one of those buffet places where you have all you can eat for a set price - always a good idea I think!

26 October 2009

Little Fabric Wallet Tutorial

This is my very first tutorial so please let me know if it doesn't make sense. I've made quite a few of these little snap wallets, they are great for mobile phones, cameras, jewellery, tissues and any other small items you need to carry in your handbag. You can make them any size and they are great for using up scraps of leftover fabric and batting.
First make your outer fabric. You can either use one piece of fabric cut to size, or a piece of patchwork (I made mine 5" x 8" from two different fabrics). Place your wadding on the back of the fabric and quilt as desired. I also used some calico on the back of the quilted piece, just to make it easier to quilt.
Cut a piece of lining the same size as the outer, you can use some interfacing on this if you like, I didn't bother. You can see that I have shaped both pieces at the flap end. Place the two fabrics right sides together, pin and then sew all the way around, leaving a small gap approximately 2" down one side, to turn.
Turn right sides out, then press carefully, pressing creases in the seam of the open part so that it will sew up easily.Topstitch along the bottom edge of the purse, the bit that will fold up and under the flap.

Fold and sew, starting at one bottom corner, sewing right around the flap and finishing at the other bottom corner, making sure that the opening you left for turning is closed up carefully as you go.
Attach snap fastener, Velcro, button or press stud as desired.

Your wallet is finished - easy wasn't it?

25 October 2009

A Holiday In The Sun

Friends have remarked that I haven't blogged for a while now. There have been reasons - it's been a difficult time lately and we've had some distressing family issues to deal with. Things seem to be more settled now however, if not completely sorted, and we've just returned from a lovely, relaxing holiday in Crete. Thought I'd share a few photos with you!

The locals, doing what they do best, sitting outside the taverna in the sun.

We don't have a table but a pair of steps works just as well!

What's he doing now? Oh, putting up my washing line!

You meet some really nice people sometimes, here are just a few! The lady on the right is Judith who also has stories about her life in Crete. We met up with Jude and Geoff too.
Go away, I'm sunbathing!
I'll try not to leave it too long before posting again. Thanks for being patient!