26 February 2010


All you quilters out there have probably already seen this Marcia Hohn website as it's been around quite a while, however, if you haven't yet come across it do have a look as it is packed FULL of quilt blocks and how to make them.  If a quilt block exists, it's on this site!  The bonus is that it also plays music while you browse!


My other half collects all manner of junk in his workshop.  Recently he has been trying to have a clear out, with a view to 'cutting down' on his work (that'll be the day!)  I really don't know where this 1960s juke box came from but if someone doesn't take it off his hands soon it'll be coming home with him and that I CANNOT HAVE!  If you know anyone who wants one of these, please let me know!!!

15 February 2010


Just had a look at this BOM, its, lovely, I'll be starting on it as my next 'feet up in front of the TV' project!

This is a peek at my latest purchases from the Fabric Guild, along with a shipping order of wadding to take to Crete for my pals there!

The latest project on my sewing machine is a quilt made up from a block called 'Wagon Tracks'.  It's a lovely cheerful colour!
This is Katie, she's a Staffie and was taken in from a rescue centre by a friend of mine.  She's GORGEOUS!

11 February 2010


I began making up these card trick blocks and then found I did not have enough of the background fabric to finish enough of them for a quilt. I think I might mix them with another type of block but can't decide what.  Any suggestions?  The other alternative is to make some more of these blocks but in different colours.  I originally set out to make a cot sized quilt and wanted something with just three colours in each block.

8 February 2010


I've been obsessed with making little flowers just lately - they're nice to do while I have my feet up in front of the TV, or whatever.  What do you think of these?

On Friday evening I went over to Melbourne (village in Derbyshire, NOT Australia!) for a selection meeting for their forthcoming craft fair in the village hall.  It will be the very first 'proper' craft fair I've taken part in, so I wasn't at all sure what to expect.  I thought you just paid your money, took your table and tried to sell your stuff - no that's not how it works in Melbourne!

I was a little surprised that we were all expected to do a presentation from the front and show everyone else what we do.  Now for someone like me, who is usually the quiet, retiring type (until she has consumed at least two glasses of red wine anyway) this was a very scary prospect that I wasn't at all prepared for.  However, I did manage and I'm now waiting to hear whether I've been accepted...  Hopefully, the fact that I was the only person there who did patchwork and quilting might just be in my favour.

3 February 2010


I've been working on some small, scrappy projects over the last few months and these are some of the cushion covers I've made.  This one is from a tutorial by Don't Look Now and I made it from lots of scrap fabrics with an old white damask tablecloth cut up as the background. 

 This bright and cheerful cushion cover is made from my own design; the centre stitchery is hand embroidered in satin stitch.

Finally, these two pastel covers were made with stitchery designs I bought from Jenny at Elefantz.  I love Jenny's designs and have made quite a few items using her patterns.