27 May 2010


I had a stroll down to our local 'Age Concern' shop last Saturday and found this fabulous double duvet cover and 2 pillowcases for £2.99.  They are perfect to cut up for patchwork or bags as they're 100% cotton from Ikea - couldn't resist them really!

Has anyone had a problem with a Crock Pot going like this?  I've used this Crock Pot no more than 5 times and the glaze is cracked both inside and out.  When I made a chilli in it yesterday, I found evidence of the liquid seeping right through to the outside of the pot (that's the black bits you can see in the photo)!  Unfortunately it was a gift to my daughter almost two years ago, so I don't think I can get a refund or replacement but I was shocked that it would go like this in the first place.  I sent my trusty old 'slow cooker' to our house in Crete so I'll just have to buy a new one I suppose.

20 May 2010

Folded Flowers

I do so love making these little chaps, I can sit for hours folding, pinning and sewing, choosing just the right button or making a self-covered one to go in the centre.  These particular ones are made with 100% cotton top quality curtain lining, starched well before I start.  I have lining in lots of different colours so I plan to continue this theme for a while.  They are all about 3 - 3½ inches across so they make a striking corsage for a lapel or even a hair ornament.

14 May 2010


I've done something horrible to my shoulder (I think it was the over enthusiastic decorating a couple of weeks back) and I've been avoiding the computer as much as possible, owing to the fact that it HURTS to type.  Unfortunately it also hurts to cut out, rotary cut, iron, machine and hand sew, so I'm seriously climbing up the walls wanting to do something creative.  Hopefully the painkillers the doc gave me today and a visit to the chiropractor tomorrow should begin to sort out the problem, if not I'll SCREAM!!!

I have been fiddling around with starting a shop on "folksy" and have also listed a few items on ebay, just to see if anyone is interested in the stuff I've made.  It's FUN to see your stuff selling online as well as at craft fairs!  I just need to find out what people want and go ahead and make it! 

John's on the long drive home across Europe now, hopefully he should land in the UK on Monday but he's not been very well so your thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated!

4 May 2010


Well it was cold but sunny to start with, then it poured down, then there was a hailstorm.  Swarms of people came in to shelter from the weather, use the toilets and warm themselves in front of the fires but not many people came to buy, it seemed.  Having said that, I covered my costs and made just enough to pay for my train ticket to London and my entry to the Quilts Exhibition at the V & A - my next treat later this month.  So it wasn't a complete washout and I had some visitors to help make the day go more pleasantly.  Emily and Steve dropped by, then went and fed the ducks.  Wendy came over and sat stitching with me for most of the day.  I met some really lovely people and booked again for September!

John's travelling buddy Richard was back from Crete on Sunday, having been delayed for an extra ten days due to the volcanic ash fiasco.  We're looking forward to seeing some of the 200 photos he took so we can check out whether they actually did any work!  John doesn't set out for home until May 11th so he still has a week left in the sun.