15 September 2010

Book Review, New Bags, Scrap Delights

Anyone interested in my review of The Bag Making Bible can read it here.  I've also posted about some lovely new bags here.

A friend very kindly gave me a big bag of 'old clothes' yesterday, which I spent all evening cutting up and ironing and am left with this lovely little stash, which also includes some 'gifts' from other friends, some clothes my daughter has discarded and even a piece of ironing board cover!  I love recycling!!

My next challenge is to think of something to do with all this fabric...any ideas ladies?  I thought of adding it to my hexagon quilt but I really want to get a border on that and finish it off - it's plenty big enough for what I intended and I've already put some of these fabrics into it.  Quite truthfully, I'm a bit disappointed in how it has turned out, I think I should have planned it better before I started.  I've been tempted to take it all apart and start again but can't see that happening somehow :-)

I'm also going to begin on a 'new' quilt at last.  I've decided on the design and I have all the fabric - just need to actually find time to begin now!  The design is based on different sizes and variations of Ohio Star, one of my favourite blocks.  Can't wait to get started now!  I'll be posting as I go along.

There's a definite nip of autumn in the air here now, I love this time of year when the trees start to turn golden and there's dew on the ground in the mornings.  Hopefully it will be a fine and sunny season this year.

6 September 2010


Woooohoooo!! I'm really excited to have been chosen to review Lisa Lam's new book 'The Bag Making Bible' and my copy arrived in the post this morning.  I met Lisa at the Festival of Quilts in August at the NEC while she was signing copies of the book and was really impressed with it.  I am really going to enjoy working my way through some of the patterns.

I made this bag at the weekend from one of Lisa's free patterns on her great blog U-handblog and I really liked using proper handles, rather than the fabric ones I normally use.  I also put bag feet on this one and made it with a firm bottom.  The bag sides use two layers of interfacing and a layer of interlining, so they are very firm.  Lisa also sells all the necessary equipment for bag making on her website, which is a fantastic resource.

This bag is from a pattern by Lula Louise, I've made a few using this particular pattern and still really enjoy making them and ringing the changes with a few different embellishments.  This one is in a lovely linen fabric with my own applique design on the front and the addition of an inside pocket.

My poor little girl went down to Cornwall this week for a short camping holiday.  They arrived on Sunday morning, the weather was not too bad.  Overnight however it rained very heavily, their tent leaked and EVERYTHING in it got really wet through.  Consequently they are driving back today because the weather is forecast to be heavy rain all week and their tent is obviously not up to the job.  It is a real shame because she wanted to stay on the campsite where we spent ten years' happy summer family holidays - albeit lots of wet ones!