8 November 2010


It's been really really difficult over the last eight or nine weeks as my (comfortable) job unexpectedly ended after over twelve years.  At first I was panicking - knowing that financially I HAD to get another job.  Then I began to feel more calm about it, after visiting a couple of agencies and being told that my CV was excellent and that I should have no problem in finding work.  Today I went for an interview for a long term temporary assignment and was asked to start TOMORROW!  I am so RELIEVED and excited!!

It's been impossible to find the inclination to blog over this time.  Our pre-arranged holiday to Crete was completely spoiled by worry and the feeling that I just needed to be at home job-hunting.  If I tried to talk about it I just became really upset, so had to bottle it all up inside.  Those people I did tell just kept assuring me that it was for the best and that it would all work out in the end; they were right - but oh boy it was really hard to see that from where I was.

Things have not been helped by John being ill yet again - we had an interesting visit to Neapoli hospital whilst we were away - I must say they were super efficient there after the cleaner finally managed to find someone to help - they were all outside having a smoke and a coffee when we arrived!  Thankfully he is also on the mend again.

So here I am, back again.  Thanks to all of you who have asked what happened to me and for your patience in still following the blog.  I will try to post at least once a month from now on, though it depends on how busy I am at work.

Currently I'm getting some stock together for my next craft fair in Melbourne, having been making the most of not being at work and trying to do something useful which will help pay the bills.  This vision of loveliness is so pretty I want to keep it for myself!  I just LOVE this fabric, with sunflowers inside and out.

On our second day in Crete we were greeted by torrential rain which poured down the track outside our house like a river.  People just don't go out in that sort of weather for fear of being washed over the side of a cliff!  The weather was pretty mixed really but mostly fine then, until our last night, when we were awoken at 2am by the most violent thunderstorm I have ever witnessed, even in the Mediterranean.  I then realised that our bed was surrounded by water - somehow the rain had leaked in through the roof in a couple of places and was several inches deep on my side of the bed!  One advantage of not working in a school will be that we can have our holidays earlier in the year when the weather is more settled.  I've more tales to tell about Crete but that will have to wait until next time.

For any readers who might be local to Derbyshire, come along to Melbourne Artists and Makers Craft Fair on November 27th - I'll see you there!