15 January 2011

Wooden Owls and Hubby's Painting Commission!

Yes, they are owls!  John came home with these just before Christmas and wondered if they would sell on my next craft stall - what do you think?

He also completed this watercolour painting of Melbourne Market Place for a friend - he was quite pleased with the result - so was the friend.  John is loving his painting classes and it is ensuring he'll have something useful to do when he finally retires, though when that will be I don't know!

8 January 2011


Oh boy, is it great to be back online with a nice shiny new computer!  We decided, with all the price rises etc coming up in January, that it would be a good idea to upgrade a couple of things around the house, my computer and the TV being the oldest (TV 16 years, computer at least 12 years).  So here I am not quite believing this lovely new toy is actually mine!  Can't believe the difference in speed - even the one at work is not this fast!!!

Anyway, enough of that.  I've not been idle since my last posting.  I decided to get into the world of knitting again whilst the winter months were around, especially since it has been so COLD here in Derby.  We've probably not had quite the amount of snow being experienced by some of the UK but I was glad of the grippers I bought to wear on the soles of my walking boots for getting to and from work.  I was pretty glad to get home to a warm house, thankful that the boiler didn't break down, and put my feet up in front of the TV with knitting needles and wool.  Even Hamish, our16 year old cat, turned into an almost permanent house cat for the first time ever and seems to spend all his time either on someone's bed or on a chair with his nose pressed up against the radiator.

So this is what I'm working on at the moment in the sewing room.  I've wanted to do something to use up scraps for a long time but had to wait until I had enough fabric to add to the scraps, not having enough of the scraps to do a whole quilt.  It's going to be a mix of Ohio and Eight Pointed stars with some Friendship Stars and half square triangles to make up the gaps.  So far I've managed to do all of the Ohio Stars and about two thirds of the eight pointed but I think I need a few more colours just to make it more scrappy! 

And here is my knitting effort - a 6 foot long scarf knitted from a jumper I unravelled and recycled.  There's enough wool left to make something else too, I'll show you that next time.  I also bought a skein of hand spun and dyed wool from a fellow craft stall holder in Melbourne, just enough to make myself a hat!

Well I've a bit more to tell but that'll have to wait as I need to venture into town this morning to get my new specs adjusted - its pouring down out there so I'm not really looking forward to it at all.

As I said, thanks for hanging in there, hopefully now I have my new toy I'll be blogging more frequently!