18 August 2014

A New Post!

Well I seem to be going more than a year between posts at the moment, not really very good for keeping the readers entertained!  I've been busy, crafting, working and just living.  Since my last post my hubby has retired and is becoming a house husband!  This means that I can enjoy my evenings and weekends more because I'm not rushing home to cook and clean every evening and trying to fit in mowing the lawn every weekend in the summer.  John is learning to cook, something he has never really done in our 33 years of marriage.  He makes a jolly good job of it too!

I've been sewing a few things:

Doing a bit of crochet:

Had a couple of holidays and even started dressmaking again - but I'll show those photos in another post as the dress I made is for my hubby's 70th birthday party which is happening on Saturday night!

Currently I'm once again looking for a job - I'm going to be redundant at the end of October, however this might be an opportunity to do something a bit different....

Well done to all of you who still follow this blog, hopefully your patience will be rewarded.